How to Remove Yellow Sweats in White Clothes?

How to Remove Yellow Sweats in White Clothes?

Because of the antiperspirant deodorants or roll-we use, yellow spots are formed on the underside of our white clothing and washing in the washing machine does not profit. We are afraid to wear our white t-shirts and shirts which we love very much because of these stains.

In fact, the following description of these yellow stains will be easier to remove than you think.

What Do You Need?
• 1 cup of vinegar
• Half a glass of carbonate
• 1 tablespoon of salt
• 1 tablespoon oxygenated water

How will you do it?

First of all, put your white shirt in 1 cup vinegar for 20 minutes in half a bucket of warm water.

Mix the carbonate, oxygenated water and salt in a bowl. Take the white shirt from the vinegar and squeeze out the water. Press the mixture under pressure and wait for 20 minutes.

You can now wash the white shirt in the washing machine with your other white goods. When it dries, you will see that the stain is out.
Now, when you wear your white shirts, you can take off your jacket and raise your arms in peace of mind. Ir


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